to win you must not be afraid to lose. however; taking Ls also requires energy, and it requires money too. Im just keepin it honest here. Some people dont have the neccesary strength and energy it takes to take Ls. You gotta be strong when chasing your dream that God placed inside your heart. you need supernatural strength from heaven above. ask god for strength to keep pushing.



Everything requires energy, if you a singer it requires energy to sing and do those techniques with your vocals, if you a writer it requires energy to think of lyrics and be creative, energy is not a Game. Take your energy very seriously. Even having faith requires serious energy, believing in yourself requires energy, being strongminded requires energy, being wise requires energy, teaching requires energy, thinking outside the box requires energy, being different requires energy, thinking about God requires energy, even thinking about your crush requires energy, love requires energy, even lust requires energy, bettering yourself requires energy, focusing on yourself requires energy. My point is everything requires energy, and the devil throws things in our face to destroy our energy, i realized instagram is kinda built to destroy your energy based on how toxic it is, every headline is about a satanic rapper or a female. Paying attention to shit like that will destroy your mental energy. WE GOTTA TRY TO PUT OUR ENERGY IN FOCUSING ON OURSELF AND OUR WALKS WITH GOD.