is it not crazy how people be sungazing and worshiping an object that God created? why depend on the sun for information when God dont want his people worshipping all these creations. The sun aint much different from us because that mathafaka didnt create itself. God created the sun just like he created us. Worshipping the sun is no different from people worshipping beyonce, taylor swift, chris brown and other celebrities. Did the bible not tell us not to worship anything but God? lets get it together people. stop being stupid. all these people staring at the sun are lost, they dont have no deep revelation and information from God, if you notice God cursed them to all recycle topics and sound like each other. They cant come up with new ideas or anything. All they talk about is rise your vibrations, be vegan, protect your energy etc. The new age shit is the antichrist religion, cuz they make you believe they speaking the truth but they really aint following God, neither are they speaking the real truth of God.


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