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Jesus on Nightmare Street (9th Mini Tv Show) 

Tv Show “The Lord on Nightmare Street” 

Page One : The Arrival 

What in the world is da lord doing on nightmare street? I’m wondering the same thing. 
From the looks of it I have no damn idea. 
But let’s find out as it all unfolds.

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Two : The Entrance 

It looks like Dis guy is making a bloody entrance off the rip. Chucky is dead on sight? 
What da heck is goin on mayne 
Dis guy has taken out one of our best soldiers with ease? Striking chucky dead with da lightning in his hand. i guess he aint here for childs play. Could u smell the fear brewing in nightmare street? What irony is dis??? 
And he still hasn’t revealed what in da world he wants with our street? This guy here has the nerve !

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Three : Back to the Past 

Now its moments later when a new entity shows up. He happens to be bragging towards his fallen homeboy about how in da world he got one shotted. This takes place two weeks before chucky’s death. This new entity is called freddy and he thought he could hide from the lord in the past in the same moment. In other words freddy is at the same moment in Time as chucky’s dead body but he is hiding in a past section of that moment. Uhhh nevermind basically his ability is to cloack himself with the past. Uuuuuh dammit his ability is to hide like a bitch... okaaay????? !!!

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Four : Strike Two 

Ultimately before any pride must come fall. 
Freddy layin on da street with a sword of white light goin thru his heart. Da lord has killed freddy but the question still remains? What in da hell is da lord really doin on nightmare skreet? He killing demons as they come and he finally spoke and said “freddy u was sayin?” Thats crazy but Atleast he spoke so now can he tell us what he doin here? This our home. This our street. He trespassing!!

Tv show “The Lord on Nightmare Street” 

Page Five : Third Attempt 

Shortly after, a third coon ass demon shows up. His came is gayson something like dat and he says he can take dis Jesus guy who just arrived recently on Nightmare Street. Will he succeed? Find out on da next episode of “TLNS”.

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Six : Third Kill 

So we now see an intense red glow around da lord. Jason added to the pile of dead bodies. Red chains from da sky above jesus ascend down and hook up to da 3 bodies ready to drag them back to hell. And we still don’t know what da lord is doin on nightmare street. This is gettin frustrating; three of my great soldiers down for the count? What does this guy Jesus think he wants with my street?

Tv  show “The lord on Nightmare Street” 

Page Seven : Dragging Demons 

So now that it’s been official that all 3 demons is dead. Jesus drags them off the street and is continuing until they bodies reach hell. This is a mixed day today for Nightmare street. The few citizens stuck in this cursed street are happy and the demons are not so happy. The demons was using da citizens blood as drinks and there flesh as food. Until they killed a kid who was close to Jesus so now jesus is here to avenge the kid. She was 12 years old and her name was Ananza. She loved jesus and she prayed to him everyday. Jesus loved her prayers when he was on da throne in heaven and he even made sure she got out this evil world and went to heaven but still had to avenge her. These demons showed no mercy so jesus isn’t showing mercy either. Jesus loved ananzas prayers so much thar he listened to them more than once. Ananzas apartment was on the third floor above where u see dat open shop with light coming from it. U could see a small white light in da middle of her apartment on da third floor.

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Eight : The SHOWDOWN 

So it looks like i have to fight this lord jesus myself. I’m tired of narrating this show in the background seeing him cause havoc on my street. Me and my elite final demons is here for business we kill jesus for once and for all and continue killing the citizens of nightmare street. Kids don’t control where they are born but we don’t care they shouldn’t have been in nightmare street. My demons did them a favor. I shall defend Nightmare street myself. And I will not lose. The showdown begins now and continues on the next episode of “TLNS” how will it all end? And something tells me avenging ananza isn’t the only reason da lord has paid a visit to Nightmare Street!

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Nine : The Beatdown 

So as the encounter gets heated. It actually gets HeaTeD! As fire from heaven devours all the demons and Lucifer included. The fire was the same that makes up da sun. Its pretty damn hot. And all the demons in nightmare street have been added to da pile of ashes. And da lord hasn’t even move an inch since he arrived. Most are scared of nightmares but da lord walks in em with his head high. He walked thru hell so this is nothing new. But the question is will da viewers walk thru their nightmares or run from it? All in all this is a great learning visualization for all of us.

Tv show “The lord on Nightmare Street” 

Page Ten : Lucifer Chained up in hell 

Now as da beat down comes to an end. Jesus travels with a tied up Lucifer into hell. He chains him up in hell so he would never return to Nightmare street and bully anyone ever again. You can see millions of souls burning in hell and the lord has a shield of God around him so the hell flames can’t touch him. This is the eternal damnation for Lucifer and his demons for doin so much evil on nightmare street for many years. The citizens need a healin from them demons. Likewise to your life you who is tuning into this. You need a break from Satan and his demons. And da lord can make a way. Things like dis do happen. Justice is served. Amen

Tv show “the lord on nightmare street” 

Page Eleven : Restoring the City 

Jesus felt like it wouldn’t be good to leave the city in scraps and residues after the killing of the evils that dwelt here. So he decided to restore this city as an answer to one of ananza’s prayer she repeatedly prayed to him. Now that ananza is in heaven and her old nightmare street she was born in is restored by da power of heaven. Jesus work here is done. Until we meet again viewer!

Tv show “The Lord on Nightmare Street” 

Page Twelve : Back to Heaven 

The city is restored so wat better way to relax after his work than to return to his glory in heaven. Now we see Jesus restoring himself to his rightful glory and king of kings position. He teleports back to heaven and closes this amazing tv show with a great ending. 

This was filmed by roseviafire and written by me jesus and it’s way better than movies filmed by hundreds of people. My son pat is a legend for my kingdom. He’s like a walking Hollywood but for my kingdom. He a productions master.

Lyntenna Myraa (8th Mini Tv Show) 

Tv Series Titled: Lyntenna Myraa 
By: Roseviafire and Jaylon 

page1 Lyntenna Myraa is a very mysterious woman who is very blessed by God. She is what u call the full package. Right now she is looking at a very secured door. Whatever is behind it must be very important because in between her and the door is a whole pool of lava.

page2 This pool of lava looked very threatening but it was no match for Lyntenna. She used her wings to fly above the lava. The lava was so hot she was sweating as she was flying over it. She prayed to God that she wouldn’t pass out from the heat and drop in the lava.

page3 Lyntenna finally made it to the door and it required an access code. She opened the door on the first try. It was almost as if this was her place. The door slowly opened as she tapped her feet impatiently.

page4 Behind the door was a super high tech command room. There were so many buttons and controls that u would think that Lyntenna wouldn’t know where to start. She walked straight to a specific computer and after she pressed a few buttons she jus disappeared. I guess she clicked the wrong one, is that what new technology does?

page5 And jus like that, she is on the moon. If her goal was to hack a teleportation machine then why go to the moon of all places? This girl is a mysterious one for sure. Lyntenna is running on the moon with purpose. She appears to be searching for something and in a hurry too.

page6 She arrived face to face with this huge demon. She asked the demon to give her the soul. The demon didn’t respond and jus started attacking her. Lyntenna was specifically trained to fight demons so of course she came prepared with her sword. She evaded his blows and looked for openings so she can counter his attacks.

page7 The demon got arrogant and started toying with Lyntenna and making jokes. She took advantage of that when the demon let his guard down she swung her sword one good time at him. One time was all it took as she put her full force and spiritual energy into it. Her spirit lit up the sword and sliced the demon. The light from her sword burned him so bad that he let out a scream of agony.

page9 pt1 Lyntenna obviously didn’t get the answer she was looking for from the demon so she had to think of something else. She knew her answer was on another moon or planet. She stood there for a few minutes thinking of a game plan and then something clicked.

page9 pt2 She looks up at the sky and scopes out the stars and the planets. She has supernatural eyesight so her eyes can zoom in like a telescope. This makes planets appear closer than what they really are. She sees a world where she wants to travel to next. Stay tuned to see where Lyntenna goes.

page10 While she was walking she was praying to God to get her to the planet she was eyeing. Out of nowhere a machine came down from heaven. Lyntenna also revealed the truth about who she is. She is one of God’s Soul Retrievers. Her job is to rescue souls that have been kidnapped by the kingdom of darkness.

page11 Come to find out that machine was a teleportation machine. God has been teleporting this girl from place to place the whole time. It was not the command room that took her to the moon. It was God as well, he jus didn’t send the machine to get her that time because the cameras in the command room would have seen it. Now she is on another planet in a satanic temple to find the soul and make sure the soul didn’t get sacrificed. She found nothing so she had to search elsewhere.

page12 Lyntenna teleported to heaven to check if the soul was there or not. She asked the saints, angels, and even God if the soul was in heaven or even hell. No one saw this soul in heaven and God told her the soul isn’t in hell either. She was confused at this point.

page13 Lyntenna blinked her eyes and next thing u know she’s back in her room on earth. She somehow ended up back home without using the teleportation machine. And all she could say was here we go again. Like it was a reoccurring dream she had been having. 

page14 Everything started to rewind and Lyntenna knew exactly what that meant. She was starting to get tired of this. All she could do is sit back and watch everything reset all over again.

page15 She saw the landscape of the moon rewind in front of her. This is how she knew where to find the demon and why she hurried through the mission. She has been through this so many times before. And this is also why she was not threatened by the amount of controls that was in the command room. She has had so many times to understand it.

page16 U would also assume that she knew the access code to the lava door because she has tried to open it so many times that she eventually got it right, but that is wrong. She knew the code from the start because someone gave it to her, but who?

page17 This reoccurring dream is not a reoccurring dream. It is a timeloop in the spirit. Lyntenna thought it was a dream when it first started happening until she realized everything would rewind without her going back to sleep. To be honest she doesn’t know where she is at. At this point she just assumes she is just stuck in the spirit realm. It all started when she saw this man in a mirror asking her for help. He said he worked in a command room and was looking at a live feed of the moon. And that’s when a demon pulled him through the computer screen and he really ended up on the moon. The demon eventually sold him to different satanic elites across the galaxy. So that’s how she got the access code because he used it everyday and he told her.

page18 She sees the man in the mirror everytime she has to start over. He tells her where to go and to basically trace his steps so she can find him and rescue him. But this time was a lil different. He had a gun in his hand, he never has a gun in his hand. And his whole demeanor changed. He went from looking so innocent to a man with evil intentions. Even his eyes didn’t look the same. This made Lyntenna really wonder if this man is setting her up to kill her or if he really needs help. Something is telling her not to help this man anymore because it’s going nowhere and it feels like he is giving her wrong information. But if she doesn’t help they will both be stuck there for eternity.

Appoint the Mentor (4th Mini Tv Show) 

intro A young bright man who went by the name OG-Pat was a great guy, good character and the lord wanted to be his best friend. So he gave him a gift like no other. A gift of appointing mentors in different times and realms. Now the lord used this gift to draw OG-Pat closer to him and grow their bond. Not much later this gift led to an epic universal adventure like no other.

ep1 Now this mathafaka OG-Pat was out on a universal search in no time. Flipping couches and leaving no tables unturned. The search was clearly on. You can see on his face! Cant u?

ep2 OG-Pat had searched and searched and he was getting pissed cuz these people wasn’t ready to receive the key of the mentoring superpowers. These powers came with different percs depending on your rank. Some mentors can teleport and walk through things. Speak inside of people’s minds and also see people true intentions. Wat a bummer for that boi OG-Pat who needed more people to change their life into one of his own kind.

ep3 OG-Pat was left speechless. These people wasn’t even near ready.. So he let the tv show Scene speak for itself

ep4 As the people gathered and seen him flying across the sky back and forth searching. He came down and they asked him “who are you? So he told them he was the last of the Mentor clan. A job of appointing the worthy to take on this mantle and be great. God gave him these abilities and position so he already well known universally ofcourse. He got his own little fame across the 7 galaxies. And the 7 seas. And the 7 heavens. Ok okayy . I admit he is kinda a big shot!!.

ep5 Now jesus was about tired of this guy OG-Pat doin everything right. So he arrived in da spotlight with him and gave him a friendly fist bump  this is da king of kings who appointed me a long time ago; said OG-Pat. So whats the plan homie

ep6 Alright so jesus told me to hold the key out. This key had the power to detect the another chosen mentor across the 7 galaxies. So I stretched out my gangsta hand and held the key. The key activated and started glowing. The glow was powered by God’s throne. It also made OG-Pats hand glow too,, damn!

ep7 The key was smart because it had a mind. It erased the incompetent bastards out the picture. So the search could get more exquisite. Shall me continue? Ops we meant shall we continue? Flip the flip phone .. next episode!

ep8 Now that the key assigned to OG-Pat had found the true candidates and erased the other niggas. It was time to proceed. The mission was lookin marvelous already. Can’t u tell? Adventure adventure!

ep9 The candidates had to be annoited after the key teleported them from earth all the way to this new location in the spirit world. Jesus took the place to carry out the annoiting baptism of type 17 spirit water. This water is deeper than the water on earth. Because it can feel your heart and feel your thoughts. But enough about the water. We shall cover that in another tv show. For now jesus had finished annoiting the people who were called.


7 people were called but only one was chosen. This guy might not look like much but it’s something the key detected about his spirit. He will need much training to be able to join us. But he in good hands cuz OG-Pat was kinda tired of search for millennia’s. He has time to train this new guy. By the way this new guy dont even know what’s going on. 

*100 years Later* 
OG-Pat told The chosen guy that his first words was what is this place? Take me back to my apartment in L.A but jesus had other plans for this new guy. Don’t worry he getting better at the job as time goes. I promise u girlfriend of this new guy. Your prayers for your kidnapped boyfriend need to stop now. He had to get into his mission. He will return I promise... oh waittt he been training and chilling with the Mentor clan for about 100 years. That means you are dead now girlfriend of the chosen guy... in earth years. Bye 

The end!

The Challenges of Joseph's Destiny (3rd Mini Tv Show) 

intro:Joseph the son of Israel and Rachel who's story begins in Genesis 37. Joseph was sent to the earth by God for a crisis that would take place when he was in his 30's. Joseph was not sent to the earth while the crisis was ongoing but decades before it took place. God said to Abraham "I will greatly bless you and I will greatly multiply your descendants like the stars of the heavens and like the sand of on the seashore and your seed shall possess the gate of the enemies. Through your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have heard and obeyed my voice." Joseph was born to preserve the future generations of the Israelites the and the promise that God gave to Abraham.ep1 Joseph had a dream of his destiny at the age of 17 that revealed what he would do years later in his life. At the time what he saw in his dream he didn't know that it pretained to Egypt and the grain that he saw was the grain that saved his family and other different nations. So at age 17 Joseph received his earthly calling to leadership through 2 dreams the 1st of his brothers bowing down to him and the 2nd dream of his father and mother bowing down before him, not to worship him but to show their respect. First is the Heavenly calling of what God speaks over your life before you're born then comes the earthly calling. Which is God sharing with you what He spoke over you in eternity.ep2 Joseph didn't know that his dreams would send him to the place he called to. Because It's never about being sent it's about how you get to the place that you are sent to. Joseph is excited by his dreams and he was excited like many of us but he didn't know that "Yes Lord bring my dreams to pass." would cost him his family, take him to a nation that he would later rule and reign in and that he will have to overcome slavery. His dreams causes his brothers to be jealous of him because they hated the thought of their younger brother who they couldn't stand will one day rule over them.ep3 God used his brothers to get him to Egypt so Joseph could arrive to his place of destiny. Before you arrive at fulfillment of your destiny you will already be in the place that your destiny will take place. Without his brothers he wouldn't have been able to fulfill his destiny. Some of them wanted to kill him but Rueben wanted to save his brother and he became a intercessor for his brother. He said throw him in a pit, his plan was to leave then come back to get Joseph out but by the time he came back for him it was too late. Joseph was already sold. Joseph brothers don't know that they almost killed the one God sent and placed in their lives to keep them alive and also future generations.ep4 Joseph was sold into slavery to the nation (The Ishmaelites) of his grandfather's rival sibling (Ishmael). Then sold again in Egypt to a man named Potiphar who Joseph spent a season which means time, with him, serving him and handling the business of Potiphar. During his time with potiphar God prospered Joseph, God was with Joseph and caused him to succeed. It was during his time with Potiphar that Joseph learned the necessary management skills, Governing skills, Leadership skills and the wisdom that it took to be a leader over a nation in a few years.ep5 Joseph was rolling, making moves and potiphars wife took a liking to him. She took a look at Joseph and began singing "Take my money, my house and my car. For one hit of you, you can have it all." This is the first time the song that was sung by Jodeci is introduced Potiphar's wife was Feenin for him. She pressed him day after day begging him to sleep with her and wouldn't do it. So she faslely accused him of rape in anger because of his integrity and loyalty to his God and his boss. So Potiphar throws Joseph in prison in anger. Josephs season with potiphar ends when he's falsely accused and is sent to prison but he's not sent to prison to die, he's sent to prison to live. Prison was the best thing to happen to Joseph because he should have been killed but prison was God's way of keeping Joseph alive long enough to fulfill his calling, God was not going to let Potiphar kill Joseph.ep6 : In prison God rewards him for his faithfulness by giving him favor with the warden and Joseph prospered again in prison. Once again his gift of governing, administrating and leadership worked in his favor and who he worked for. With Joseph in charge of everything whoever he worked had nothing to worry about except for what they will eat. What looked like a demotion was a set up for his next promotion. Joseph just had to handle what seemed like 10 steps back well before he could go forward.ep7:Joseph interprets 2 dreams 1 for Pharaoh's Butler and the other 1 of Pharaoh's cup holder. Later on God causes the butler to remember Joseph when Pharaoh has a disturbing dream that gets him out of prison to stand before the king of Egypt to interpret his dream. He gives the king advice on what to do over the next 7 years to prepare for 7 bad years that will come after the first 7 is over. Joseph had wisdom on how to manage people and what they owned dating back to over 13 years. At 30 years old Joseph was finally ready and prepared to fulfill his destiny.ep8:Pharaoh saw that God was with Joseph and he recognized Joseph's wisdom. Pharaoh gave Joseph charge over his house and his people, his people was required to pay respect to Joseph like they pay respect to him only in matters of the throne was pharaoh greater than Joseph. He was set in over the whole land of Egypt and given royal rewards from the king himself. Joseph went from a slave to second in command in 13 years.ep9:Joseph's father Jacob is in need of grain so he sends his sons Joseph's brother to Egypt to buy grain. Unbeknownst to Jacob his son who he was told is dead is actually still alive. Joseph brothers goes to Egypt and Joseph plots on his older brothers in order to get all of his brothers in his presence. Joseph as he's reunited treats his brothers well and shows them kindness. His brothers apologizes to him and he forgives them. Joseph understands that it's was God who sent him to Egypt not his brothers to go ahead of them to keep them alive.

ep10:Joseph looks back over his life from the beginning to the end. He sees the faithfulness and Grace of God manifested in life. Joseph saw an encrypted future in his dreams and now at the end of his life he understand that although his journey wasn't an easy one it was definitely necessary. He rejoices because he knows God is proud of him and that he has accomplished what he was created to do. 

The End.

The Wars of Cerebral Child (2nd Mini Tv Show) 

This finna be fire  shoutout to the bro Roseviafire my first Tv show

ep1 For those of you who don’t know him, The names Malik, he was born Seven months, because He was born that early the Spirit of the palsy was after him, and God used it to build his character in so much He has no idea where he would of been if He was born Normally. The cause of him coming out early is because his mom was becoming really sick while He was in the womb.ep2 while He was being birthed to the world early, that’s when the spirit attached itself to him and all his trials and tribulations plus the fire He had to go through started. He was so tiny his family was scared to hold him cause they felt they’ll break him haha. He actually had to stay in the hospital for Three months after He was born.ep3 After that kind of happy and excited beginning that was when the downfall started to take place, He was developing symptoms, He came into this world way to early and their was a heavy price for that. He was crying all time, not keeping my milk down throwing it up and all types of things, his food wouldn’t stay down. They ended up fixing his Esophagus to were as He can’t ever puke and if He tries he starts getting a Polka-dotted face, and then the worse if He keeps trying He could pop a vessel. Fast a lil bit forward they ended up putting a G-tube into his stomach cause He wasn’t eating at all like that.ep4 He had to fast forward towards his teenage years because God allowed his situation to rapidly decline ever since a infant plus his toddler years. This is were everything gets so bad in this time He was 15 or 16, it’s so bad to point That he couldn’t stand up right at all, at this point his whole lower legs area plus his right foot is fucked up, even his two knees were in the wrong Place, picture that, they had to pull it down to the right place, and break his right foot and fix it right because the way He was walking messed it up. That was the biggest surgery He ever had In my life, He had so much surgeries before this to help him walk smoother but nothing helped. This big surgery He had lasted 9H, and his other leg on another less.ep5 A couple years after that major surgery, God stepped into his life and opened his eyes to the real truth using Tireo to open his eyes to the spirituality stuff and the gospel. Before that He was going through all these religions but nun of them helped him at all, it took him going through all of that to get to real truth.ep6 Their was another surgery that He had in 2015 but this one was small, they was closing the hole that He had in his stomach from the G-Tube cause it was leaking and causing irritation, at this point in his life He was so used to it.ep7 He got so tired of being like this, He was depressed and asked God continually why he created him like this, He just wants to be out of here, plus all He wants was to be normal. That was one of his fazes He was going through, He didn’t understand his life in those times as He do now.8He was Praying to God to heal him from this nightmare, He finally wants to feel what it feels like to run, to jump, to skip, to hop, run marathons, He wants to do it all, He deserves a blessed life In the kingdom of God, in Jesus name!ep9 He’s stepping into the Ring with this Spirit that held him captive for so long since He entered into this demonic world full of darkness, He beat him up and the spirit screams for back up, no one arrives, He can’t beat this on my own strength but He depends on Jesus strength, He gets the victory.ep10 Come to find out this was a prophecy that is over his life, he’s predestined to get the W and victory to take and walk home with or to Heaven, all He hear is Jesus saying take up your bed and walk, instead of walking away, He walks to follow Jesus until the end into Forever but wait theirs more

God Shows Me Ways (1st Mini Tv Show) 

ep1 God gave Jaylon an assignment in the spirit world to be a bartender. But bars in the spirit realm r way different than bars in the world. This bar contained the mysteries of life. People and different spirits would come here to get answers about the unknown secrets of life. Some information costs more than other information. It was empty and very quiet at the bar until these two strangers showed up. The lady in black was a reporter and the one in black and the one in white claimed to be a fan of Jaylon.ep2 Jaylon asked the reporter how he could help her. She didn’t want anything but to know the mystery named Jaylon. She asked him what made him qualified to work here. And why did God choose him to give all dat power to. Naturally, he was on edge bcuz she came in asking all these personal questions. Jaylon told her that he specializes in mysteries and was trained by the Lord to know what secrets to keep and which ones to share to the people. Jaylon could tell that the lady was smart but he questions her heart and her intentions. ep3 After talking to the reporter, Jaylon went to this girl who admired him. She told him that she had been watching him from afar, admiring all the work he did for Jesus. He thought she was sweet but at the same time kind of creepy. She knew more stuff about him than an average fan would. He was flattered by at the same time a bit suspicious of this woman.ep4 Both these women had no other reason to be here but to get close to Jaylon. They didn’t ask for a secret nor did they purchase a key to enter a hidden realm. Jaylon knew he had to sit back and read the situation. The spirit of discernment was ringing in his head like an alarm. He knew something wasn’t right but still had to figure out exactly what was wrong. The atmosphere in the bar was very awkward bcuz after he answered their questions, no one was talking and nobody purchased anything. The only thing more mysterious than the bar were these ladies intentions.ep5 Finally, the woman in white spoke to him again. She told him that she could feel the spirit of suspicion surrounding him. She asked him does he notice anything different in da room. He looked around and saw the reporter slowly growing horns. That’s when everything started making sense. Then he looked back at the woman in white and she started growing angel wings. She revealed herself to Jaylon and let him know that she was his guardian angel. She told him that she was sent by God to keep and eye on him cuz it was his first day on da job.ep6 Jaylon couldn’t just let this demon chill in this bar so he went into attack mode. He used his gauntlet that he got from God and started firing at the demon. He was getting the better of this monster. The demon was cursing him out and saying blasphemous things about the Lord. This made Jaylon turn up the heat.ep7 The room started getting darker and the demonic presence in the room elevated. Out of his peripheral vision, Jaylon noticed dat his angel started changing a little bit. Her aura became darker and her wings turned black. He realized dat she was a fallen angel. She started attacking him telepathically. She revealed to him dat Lucifer put a hit out on him and she was tryna get the reward before the demon. Jaylon has to put up a force field to protect his mind.ep8 Both the demon and the fallen angel are in their pure forms. The fallen angel wanted to wait until Jaylon tired out from fighting the demon but he didn’t look like he was slowing down at all. They had to work together to take him down. In the back of their minds they were thinking of ways to turn on each other and take da credit for killing him. The gauntlet started shining more as it was collecting more power from heaven.ep9 The demon and the fallen angel were shape shifting into some of the most evil creatures u could ever imagine. Jaylon has to keep his composure and had to make sure fear and emotions did not take over. He had to stay composed in order for his gauntlet to be at its full power. The Lord was with Jaylon and he felt His presence. God gave Jaylon confidence and dat allowed him to let off a huge spirit blast.