Tireo put me on Game


One of the things that make Tireo the greatest truth speaker for Jesus is that he brought seriousness into walking with God. Most people say they know God and that they have a relationship with God but they are only giving God 5% effort. Tireo made following God be taken more serious. He started the whole thing of giving God 101% and dedicating your whole lifestyle to HIM and giving up everything to follow God. No other speaker can promote that level of seriousness while speaking unique spiritual information. And all these people saying they are following God but their lifestyle isn’t 101% dedicated to Jesus are straight headed to hell because it seems like everyone loves to say they “know” God when they really don’t even love God with their actions. It’s hard to tell someone about God when they already think they have a relationship with God. This goes back to that whole thing I was talking about, they are not taking God serious enough to fully dedicate their entire life to him, they just want the simple title of saying they know God and that they love God. They claim to have a relationship with God but they are still headed to Hell. They might as well be honest with God and themselves and say that they aren’t fully living for God. Like Tireo said, God respects an honest man/woman. These people choose religions over God, They choose Christianity over God, teaming up with all these groups that God is against. A Relationship with God is a personal thing. But we see people teaming up with all these fake ass churches and groups to so called worship God. Much love to Tireo. He is the best truth speaker of all time for Jesus.