Poem titled Look Deep 

Look deep into my heart lord 

See wats misunderstood 

Oversea the maze 

Oversea the difference route 

Oversea the dead ends 

Oversea my greatest lies 

Look deep into my heart lord 

Understand the misunderstood 

Tell me why nothing works for me 

My life a maze 

I’m only tryna find the exit route 

But is ur route not the exit route? 

Do u have a secret escape 

How many years in a dark maze 

And when can I see the light 

Look deep into my heart lord 

Understand deez niggas won’t ever suffer for u like I did 

Giving u a chance after chance to get my life right 

Lord my own conscience turned on me 

Because it’s confused by the different paths 

And staying with da enemy so long make u deceive your own self 

Many years without light 

When I finally see da light 

Will it blind my soul or bind my heart and heal every fragment in my spirit 

Lord I’m witchu 

Sometimes I don’t even understand why I don’t understand wat dey don’t understand 

If I’m crazy, atleast I’m crazy for u. Not for me or for my peers


Poem titled I HAVE A FEELING 

I have a feeling god knows exactly wat u goin thru 

I have a feeling god created the situations we all go thru 

I have a feeling god knows how to make u a better man 

I have a feeling god knows how to make you a better woman 

I have a feeling god wants to here how u truly feel 

I have a feeling u don’t know da full story to ur life 

I have a feeling it all works out for the lords will 

I have a feeling dat u might get da last laugh against ur enemies 

I have a feeling dat god already listening 

But scratch dat 

What do I know 

I’m just a brother filled with many flaws


Poem titled "Deeply" by Roseviafire 

Poem titled “deeply” 

Deeply I love 

Deeply I fall 

Deeply I rage 

Deeply I hurt 

Deeply I laugh 

Deeply I drown 

Deeply I fight 

Deeply I take 

Deeply I give 

Deeply I think 

Deeply I feel 

Deeply I see 

Deeply I speak 

Deeply I stress 

Deeply I try 

Deeply I build 

Deeply I’m cursed 

Deeply I’m blessed 

Deeply I’m honest 

Deeply I’m run 

Deeply I rise 

Deeply I pray 

Deeply I wait 

Deeply heart beats 

Deeply mind thinks 

Deeply I be 

Deeply I’m deep 

Poem by Roseviafire