Finding Your Style

There are many types of styles and not just clothing styles, even your talents require you to find their style and in order to find your style you must stop trying to copy what everybody else is doing. That's why it's called finding your style instead of finding somebody else's style

Your talents work best if you continuously keep trying to find the style that works best for them. You can't just express your talents in a way that you copied from everyone else. You need to find the unique style of expression that works best for your talents and gifts

And when it comes to finding your style you really cannot care what people think about you

Finding your style takes time, you will not be able to just find your style overnight

When it comes to finding your style; you gotta allow yourself to be kinda weird to everyone at the beginning stages of finding your style. The reason why most people don't look weird with their style at the beginning is because they are copying everyone else's style. They are copying styles that are socially acceptable and that everybody else is already using but people who take their time to find their style always become great in the end

People love to judge others in their beginning stages of finding their style but you cannot judge someone too early because God might be crafting and working on that person's style that you think might be weird because you found them at the beginning stages of finding their style. This even happened to me because people used to say my talents were trash and years later they now love my talents. It's truly crazy and that's why we shouldn't prejudge people

And finding your style comes naturally you can not force it

Try different clothes that match your spirit and listen to your spirit because your spirit was created by God to already know your style. Your spirit is very advanced

Get closer to God and build a honest relationship with Him because he will take your style to new levels that will blow your mind

Even when you find your style, your style can change because when you grow spiritually you start to like different things. Which means that something that was your style 2 years ago will no longer be your style now. Because you can level up in your style

Your personal style is connected to your inner light, it will help you shine and there's nothing wrong with letting your light shine

Body language is apart of style and negative body language can also manifest the same results as negative words and negative thinking. That is because you are talking down on yourself without even saying a word. Your body language is all the words that needed to be said

Your style has no end to it, because you can upgrade your style everyday for 1000 years and there will still be room to level up with your style. This is the case because God created style. And if God is infinite and has no ending, what makes you think there is an end to your personal style? Have fun in this eternal journey of finding your style but don't be too obsessed with it as well, just take it easy

When you don't represent the style that God gave you that means you are lying to yourself and you are also lying to other people by making them believe that your current style is your true style when it's really not. Most people don't care about stepping into their true style

True style has nothing to do with designer brands and it also has nothing to do with only buying expensive clothes. True style is a statement made by true leaders. Even a cheap item could inspire so many people to copy and steal your style. This is because your style can bring conviction and your style can even speak to people without saying any words

Most people today just wear anything because they are probably too lazy to care about their personal style. They probably don't even wanna get closer to God so he can reveal to them their true personal style. Anytime you don't have a close relationship with God you just end up giving up on yourself and letting yourself go without even knowing it. You just do stuff just to do stuff and there is no purpose to any of the stuff you do in life. That is why when worldly people see somebody who is walking in their true style from God they are automatically inspired. And some people might even hate on you because they already gave up on themselves years ago

I personally don't like wearing tight clothes but most men love rocking these tight pants and clothes. I wonder what God thinks about grown men rocking these tights. But hey! since when did men care about what God thinks?

I got a question for women, how can God use you for his glory if you're dressed like you wanna serve Satan? Can you dress modest and still make it fire? Any woman can dress in revealing clothes and say that their outfit is fire but that's not the real challenge; that's the easy road. True skill comes from your ability to dress modest while still making your style look fire

Always remember that your style is a river which should keep flowing and never run dry

Don't settle for less when it comes to your personal style because most people settle for less when it comes to their personal style

Your clothes are like an extension of your spirit