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Time spent with God is time that isn't lost. As men, we tend to find entertainment in negative things and i think it's time for us to learn that peace is entertaining. It's better to dwell in God's presence than to be caught up in all of the wrong things

As men, we should strive to maintain a relationship with God. I encourage you to be a man who loves spending time with God. May God bring hope and happiness to our spirits even in these crazy times. It's not easy to be a man who follows Jesus in this world because its alot of pressure that comes with it. And sometimes the pressure can feel stronger than the love when we are following God

As men, we should take a stand for God's truth even when it means that we might gotta face dangers and attacks from the enemy. Don’t let pain scare you from loving Jesus. We should stay focused on God's path and learn to get through the pain and try not to worry because the rough times will pass. “Wishing everyone prosperity, peace and security this year!