Women's Blog


May God bring peace and security to the women who are chosen to follow him. As a woman, separate yourself from women who don't wanna follow Jesus like you do. May God bring peace into your heart even when you might be going through rough times. God views you as a Princess so what you tripping for? Do you feel me?

God is no stranger to setting his daughters free from the things that might be troubling them and causing them pain so be strong and be encouraged. It's so sad that most men today can't even lead any woman because they are too busy being caught up in all of the wrong things and they also don't have a personal relationship with Jesus. As a woman always remember that love isn't emotions so let go of your emotional thinking problems and ask Jesus to kill your feelings even though it might hurt because the world has brainwashed women into thinking through their emotions and getting easily offended and hurt by even the smallest things. I pray that you women would become smarter and stop making decisions based off your emotions so that you wouldn't be manipulated by all of the wrong people. Jesus loves you women even in the seasons when it doesn't feel like it

Jesus love feels better when you've been hurt before, Jesus healing feels better when you've been broken before, Jesus abundance feels better when you've experienced lack before, Jesus deliverance feels better when you've been trapped before. Jesus strength feels better when you've been weary before. There's a bunch of things that we won't understand in this journey but let's continue to follow Jesus. Also remember to protect and properly defend yourself and be safe! “Wishing everyone prosperity, peace and security this year!