My Life Story

Hey what's up! My name is Patrick and i grew up in a small village in Uganda

I grew up catholic and I used to go to church on Sunday with my family but i never really fit in with church. We grew up poor and there were times i had to steal money just to get some extra food. Life growing up was rough but I also had fun with my friends playing soccer which was the main sport in Uganda. I was raised to be polite growing up but I wasn’t taught any real knowledge so i grew up not knowing anything about God because nobody taught me anything

In school we got beaten and constantly punished like by teachers who were allowed to do so. We had to wake up at around 4am in boarding schools or we would get beaten and made to scrub the nasty floors. We also weren’t allowed to sleep in class or we would get beaten and punished in different ways and the classes went up to about 10pm at night after waking up at 4am. So you basically get beaten if you don’t wake up and you also get beaten if you get sleepy and doze off in class. We all knew that these schools were abusive and i believe that all this stuff i went through made me stronger because something wasn't right with all the cruelty we had to endure and for years i wondered how the same God who created this beautiful place called heaven could also create nasty and harsh environments that people have to go through on earth. But moving on i wanna say that both the regular and boarding schools were a straight nightmare which was basically a form of prison but the boarding schools were worse because the abuse was real. I lived through filthy conditions and nasty food at schools but i didn't have time to be depressed because i didn't have the knowledge of what depression was, so i guess the lack of knowledge acted as a form of barrier to protect me because if i had the knowledge of what we were enduring then who knows what could have happened? I probably would have been walking around depressed and suicidal. I grew up ignorant to so many things

Fast forward, i got on a plane to America and I came into Jesus kingdom a few years later at around 17 years old when God led me to Tireo videos on YouTube. God told me through Tireo's videos to leave Christianity because of the many lies that were in christianity and how christianity was a false satanic religion. Jesus used Tireo's videos to take my walk with God to a whole new level and without his videos i wouldn't even know where to start in fully following God because growing up i didn't know anything and i wasn't taught anything. I was living life clueless and without knowledge. The more i followed God i started to realize that this spiritual walk with God can get rough, difficult, scary and even creepy

When I first came to America after my mother applied for me get over here i was still young and I realized that everything was different and that it was a whole new world. If I’m being honest; life was a nightmare for me both in Africa and in America due to the generational curses and environments I had to fight against. My struggle in Africa was different from my struggle in America but both were hard

It took me almost 5 years to try and learn the American English accent because i was tired of people making fun of my accent at school but eventually I stopped trying to learn the accent and I came up with my own style, i was shy and i didn't know anything so i easily fed into what everyone thought about me. I also had an extreme fear of public speaking. I used to wear long sleeve shirts and pants and hoodies in school to try and hide my black skin when I came to America and I didn’t even know why I was doing what I was doing. It’s probably because of what the media in America strategically tries to program into our heads. I also started dealing with insecurities and all types of thoughts in my brain around that time. I started to hate the place I was from which was Africa but overtime I stopped caring what everyone thought about me and i started loving myself more. Also, many people in Uganda wanted to come to America because America is marketed as a great country to be in worldwide. I am here to say that we were all deceived because even though it’s opportunity in America it’s also so many bad things and systems set in place to assure that you stay trapped forever. I was chosen to make it out instead of the millions of other Ugandans who wanted to have the chance to come to America. I thought it was going to be heaven in America but it was definitely hell and I went through alot of adjusting and mental warfare and the devil was tryna kill me and my family was automatically against me for following Jesus. I just got off the plane and automatically had to deal with my evil family and had to go through so much stuff. But sometimes God chooses you to make it out of a certain place to another place because he looks at your future and he already sees that you are gonna be great for his Kingdom in the future. That’s literally the secret!

I lived with my mother when i first came to America and first off i wanna say that I am thankful and grateful for everything that my mother did for me and applying for me to come to America but living with her was a nightmare and i had to endure so much abuse. I love my mother but i found myself having to go against my own evil mother for Jesus. Her purpose for the devil was to drag everyone around her to hell with her. She was addicted to stress and being cutthroat, she was jealous and she was also hateful. My mother was a narcissist and a witch and she was constantly praying on my downfall and my health was in a bad state living with her. I couldn't even have a regular conversation with her because it just wouldn't work and she was also a gossiper and i always felt like i was born into the wrong family. I had to accept the fact that she will never change. This is a harsh reality about her and the rest of my family that i had to accept. Some people will never change because they are not chosen to follow God

I have been through a great deal of persecution, generational curses, abuse, family curses and attacks from the devil in my walk with God. From betrayal, to being lied on and even my own family turning on me because I chose to follow God’s purpose for my life. I was molested as a child by family friends back in Uganda and i found myself being destroyed to look at women the wrong way at a very young age, touching women, dry humping within family, being lustful, watching porn, acting weird and creepy, dry humping different things, sniffing my older aunties underwears and i did alot more weird stuff at a very young age that i can't even keep track. Never be ashamed of being honest about your past. That’s why i don’t judge people because we all did wierd shit in the past but most people are afraid to talk about their sins so they will judge yours like a coward. Only real men or real women are gonna keep it real about themselves. Because there’s two types of life stories that everyone can tell! The watered down version or the real version and I choose to tell the real version of my life story because I know that God can use my life story to help and reach others. Moving on, I wanna say that me being molested at a young age by these older girls who were family friends destroyed me growing up and it opened up a door to a world of me basically living out these curses. I chose to forgive them because i always choose to forgive everyone

My family was cursed and dysfunctional and i don't even know how my dad looks like, all i remember from stories is that he was an alcoholic who used to constantly beat my mother badly. My mother was also abusive and one time she even went outside late at night banging on neighbors doors in Arizona while screaming and yelling with a bible in her hand. She would call the police on me and tell them lies saying i was doing drugs, she even lied on me and told the police that i was dangerous but the truth is that i was an amazing person who didn't start any trouble but that didn't stop her from being evil and continuing to tell so many lies about me over the years. She would also talk behind my back and tear me down and speak curses over my life. I had nowhere to go because i was new to America and i had no other family or friends here so I stay in her house suffering for years and I even felt suicidal. I had nobody and I never understood why God set up my life like this and this caused me so much pain and for years i would beg God to set me free and he didn't set me free when I wanted him to. I felt like God didn't love me but i had to get through all this stuff in order to help reach and help other people. I forgave my mother and rest of my evil family but i simply had to cut them off because they refused to treat me like I'm human. My family was hand picked to serve the devil and torment me

I am not a perfect person so if God can use a person like me then he most definitely can use you too! I used to be a very emotional and I got angry easily as a kid. I was shy, i couldn't express myself, I was doubtful and i had little faith and i also didn't like being alone. I struggled with anxiety and fear. I struggled with perfectionism. I was depressed. I was shy to speak to women and i was a pervert and i even used to do some weird stuff when i was in school. I had a problem of using too many cuss words and swearing. I was weird and shy growing up. I was insecure. I wasn’t confident and I was an overthinker. I wasn’t really good with self-control, emotional management and i was basically a young impulsive kid. There are so many things that i wasn't taught growing up and so many negative things and generational curses I had to fight but i am thankful for some of the values i was taught growing up such as being polite and respectful. We all have a past and this is just me being honest about my past and my sins to help other people open up about themselves and keep it real too

I chose to not be selfish with my life story that’s why I speak about it and let God reach others through it. The best thing you can do is just be honest about it and grow from it. I learned that you can't just wish something away and if something happened in your life then it happened! Some things that happened in my past make me look bad but that shows me that I’m not a perfect person. Most times we as people like to hide things that make us look bad. I try not to be in my feelings when telling my lifestory because i understand that it's not about me! God is using my lifestory to reach and help other people so i just tell the facts and let the people who i'm supposed to reach see for themselves. Moving on i wanna say that God used my family attacking me and doing me straight dirty to make me stronger and set me free from so many things. Sometimes God's plan is a nightmare, God's plan isn't a fairytale like most people like to believe, this stuff is real. Nothing I earned in God’s kingdom came easy. I paid my dues. I was homeless in Arizona, getting harassed by cops, set up, lied on, hated, persecuted, gossiped about, people were jealous of me, stalked, and so many other things I had to go through. I slept on street benches, i slept while sitting on a case of water bottles at a gas station convenience store and i also slept inside another convenience store and a lady felt bad for me and gave me 5 dollars. I walked under the bridge at night, i slept in a strangers garage on a air mattress for probably over a month, i been in an ambulance, i had problems with my eyes painfully drifting into the back of my head for a long time, i had muscle twitches and i couldn't control my own body. I was basically broken and out of strength but i never gave up

Sometimes i don't even know how i made it through all this stuff.. sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream or something

I started Roseviafire to help people spiritually through my calling from God, through my art, music and through my acquired knowledge and life experiences. Roseviafire means a person who rose through the Holy Spirit and became a gem in God’s eyes. God saw that I was gonna be able to endure through the persecution and still not give up on him. Something else about myself that i wanna share is that i am not lazy and i work hard, I get stuff done and that's one of the reasons why God chose me because he already knew i would get stuff done for his kingdom. I discovered my talents after coming into God’s kingdom so I never had a chance to really use my talents for the world and I’m glad it started off using my talents for God’s kingdom from the very start of me discovering them. Now that you know me a little better, you know about my story. What’s yours? And are you willing to get through the challenges of following and walking with God? We all know the bible talks about persecution but it's alot different when you have to go through it for yourself. But hopefully my life story reaches you and encourages you to fully follow God. If i had given up you would not be reading this right now so i am glad that i didn't quit. If I rejected God’s calling for my life then I’ll probably be dead or in hell by now

Some of you are probably wondering about this question "Did God bring you through all this stuff that you went through?". I will honestly answer this question and say that YES! he fully brought me through all this stuff. There was no way i could have made it through all this without his favor and i'm thankful that he set me free from everything that i had to go through. I am living proof that God will bring you through and that you can overcome. I got on a plane and left Arizona, i left everything behind and with basically just my backpack that packed my stuff in i made it to my promised land that God had for me. After i made it to my promised land i recorded a song called Promised Land and if you listen closely to that song you can probably tell i was kinda nervous because this was my first time being in a real professional studio that even had a list of famous celebrities who recorded at this exact studio and promised land was the first song i recorded here

I was also going through alot of transitioning to get adjusted to my new promised land. I pray that God uses my life story to help you in your journey as well. I am living proof that you can rise from nothing and become someone great in God and thats why my brand Roseviafire means a person who rose through the Holy Spirit and became a gem in God's eyes. The holy spirit is the consuming fire and God speaks to us through his holy spirit in order to guide us in our journey of following him. It’s not easy rising through the fire that God used to mold us into who he wants us to be. And like I said before most people tell a watered down version of their lifestory because they don't have the heart to put out the real truth of their life. It takes heart to put out your real lifestory and allow God to use it to help and reach other people

Some people might ask this question "was your life harder in Uganda or was your life harder in America? I would honestly say they both were a nightmare. They both have their own different types of suffering to deal with. They also both have good things about them and bad things about them that would take a long time for me to fully break down and explain everything. There's so many more things i wanna share with y'all but my lifestory is too big to be put in just one page

I might write a book about my life story in the future. I will share more of my life story through out my works and I pray that God continues to use my life story to bless y’all